The quest for medical cannabis legalisation and decriminalisation for adult use in Africa is at its peak. Every voice must be echoed in unison as citizens are continually locked up in jails for possession……  

cannabis beyond smoking: pre-heats an amazing lifestyle.

A first look at cannabis-infused meals speaks volumes of the numerous benefit of the plant. Food made from cannabis …….

cannabis & crypto

Here’s something to think about: Most of us do not know how the internet works. Transferring data via “packets,” the interaction of protocols like TCP, SMTP, and HTTPS, ……….


medical cannabis:

Researchers continue to study the medical benefits of marijuana. As it is effective for the treatment of chronic pain…… 

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At PipeScribe we produce custom-made pipes from natural products and innovative materials. We aim to develop into a world-leading manufacturer of natural hand-made pipes and become a leading enterprise in the African and global  market!

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